Current MIT Students

If you are an MIT student and wish to join DAI Lab for your MEng, UAP, or UROP, send us an email at with:

  • a subject line specifying the opportunity you are seeking and the term for which you are seeking “MEng/UAP/UROP Term Year”
  • A copy of your transcript
  • An up-to-date resume
  • Your funding needs
  • A list of any open source software contributions you have made
  • You must select one of the following machine learning focus areas:
    • Applications (wind, sustainability, education)
    • Systems for machine learning
    • Cybersecurity
    • Core machine learning


How to get a Research Assistantship with the group:

Research assistantships are available for MEngs who have demonstrated ability to write both software and algorithms. To secure funding here are multiple things you could do (Please note that this does not guarantee funding – just increases your chances): 

  • Start with teaching assistantship in fall, work in the lab while teaching, and then apply for lab research assistantship for Spring
  • Starting as a UAP in the lab helps us plan ahead for your MEng its funding needs
  • Contributing to our open source libraries within “The human data interaction project” –
  • A publication in a peer reviewed conference during your past UROP/UAP/internship (it helps if you are the primary author)


PhD Students

We have multiple openings for PhD students with funding in the areas of machine learning systems, fairness and accountability in machine learning, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, automated machine learning, and data science automation. To be considered:

    • Applicants must apply through MIT’s graduate program admissions process for the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. (The application deadline is Dec 15, 2018)
    • See for programs of study beginning in Sept 2019
    • Please mention interest in these topics and in doing a PhD under Dr Veeramachaneni in your statement of purpose

For informal inquiries, email


Post-Doctoral Researcher

Potential post-docs should contact Dr. Kalyan Veeramachaneni at  It is very important when you contact us to clearly identify areas of interest and provide information about your background.


Funded postdoctoral positions:

The group has a a few funded post-doctoral associate positions available in the areas of – Systems for machine learning, Cybersecurity, and Interactive machine learning. If these are your areas of research, then email the following to

  • Your CV
  • 2 Representative publications
  • A research statement
  • 2-3 references


Self-funded postdoctoral scholars:

Scholars with funding from other sources (such as research foundations in their own country) are generally welcome. In these situations, if our interests match, a letter of support can be provided for your application process if needed. Post-docs who have a scholarship can apply and email Kalyan at If you can send your CV, publications, references, it will help speed up the process.


Visiting students

From time to time we welcome students from outside of MIT to pursue their thesis research over a short visit. Note that for these visits, usually the visitor must cover all costs, including MIT visiting student tuition and any other fees associated with visa processing and resources usage. Generally, you must be willing to work on a project of mutual interest and to work on our software libraries and infrastructure. In some cases, we have funding when the project is aligned with our ongoing projects. If you are interested please contact


Visiting faculty

From time to time we welcome and host faculty from other universities. These visits can be for summer, or last year. Summer is a great time to visit us. These visits usually have to be planned 6 months ahead to allow for space and visit planning. If you are interested to visit please contact